LEGO MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

2022 Family Staycations

A BRAND NEW world has arrived at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort.

Enter LEGO® MYTHICA, a parallel universe where mythical creatures come to life before your eyes. Book your staycation today and experience our new multi-million pound land, created by kids, for kids. PLUS visit The Magical Forest - a brand new walkthrough attraction!

Every time a child takes care building a LEGO® creature, no matter how big or small, unbeknown to them that creature comes to life in a parallel world. A portal to that world has just been discovered at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort...

Full of epic adventures, powerful guardians and mysterious creatures all waiting to be discovered, LEGO® MYTHICA is the first and only theme park land of its kind anywhere on earth!

Journey into the heart of LEGO® MYTHICA's brand new walkthrough attraction - The Magical Forest!

Enter a swirling vortex and come face to face with Bits & Bobs, the friendly baby Alicorn! Watch as his reflection transforms at the enchanted waterfall before uncovering secret miniature LEGO habitats within the foliage!

Continue your expedition and sense the natural environment change into a landscape of lava and warmth. Spot Crystal Claw Crabs as you draw nearer to the mystical cave - legend has it that a Lava Dragon sleeps soundly inside…

The UK's first Flying Theatre Ride!

Flight of the Sky Lion at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Breakthrough ride technology has been combined with state of the art special effects to create one of the most immersive ride experiences ever!

Challenge the

Hydra's Challenge at the LEGOLAND Widnsor Resort

Steer your own vessel on this thrilling interactive water ride!

Soar like crystal flame!

Fire and Ice Freefall at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

A thrilling new 13m tall drop tower ride, that's the equivalent height of 325 minifigures!

Guardians of LEGO® Mythica

Maximus: Sky Lion at LEGO: MYTHICA

Mythical Creature:
Sky Lion

Character Traits:
A strong and majestic leader but also humble, friendly and collaborative. He wants to encourage everyone to rediscover the joy in taking time to create.

To make others feel brave in the midst of danger.

Duo: Hydra at LEGO: MYTHICA

Mythical Creature:

Character Traits:
Bold but sensitive, this Guardian likes to debate (the little heads often disagree) to get to the truth.

She can feel the energy of the land and can detect the amount of imagination flowing into the realm.

Crystal Flame: Fire and Ice Bird at LEGO: MYTHICA

Mythical Creature:
Fire & Ice Bird

Character Traits:
Mysterious, distant, fearless and intense. She always turns up when other creatures are in danger and is the peace-keeper of the realm.

She can change her form from fire to ice.

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